Marginalised communities need leaders who have the courage to respond to difficult challenges, even when there may be no easy or obvious solutions. Together with CORO India, we enable people at the bottom of the economic pyramid to transform their lives and those of millions of others.

Our work in India

Since 2008, we've trained and developed 900 grassroots leaders, 280+ organisations and 300+ mentors, reaching more than 1.6 million people in marginalised communities in India.

We've empowered individuals...
  • 70% women
  • 69% marginalised castes and tribal groups
  • 41% below high-school education level
  • 11% religious minorities
  • 5% illiterate drive sustainable change
  • Empowering women
  • Generating livelihoods
  • Improving education and healthcare
  • Accessing clean water and safe toilets
  • Securing tribal land rights
...and expand their reach
  • Leading regional and state campaigns
  • Building alliances with local NGOs
  • Connecting with global leaders
  • Influencing state policy
  • Mentoring high-potential grassroots leaders

* Our fellows survey up to 500 households and create projects to meet local needs. We can conservatively estimate that each of them benefit an average of 2,000 people in their fellowship year.

Why we invest in grassroots leaders

It's systemic

Local leaders understand the complexity of issues in marginalised communities.

It's direct

They are attuned to local needs and approach challenges in relevant, practical ways.

It's inclusive

They voice the interests of marginalised people who are often excluded from decision-making.

It's replicable

They mobilise people, steer collective action and multiply the impact of their projects.

Bridging gaps through partnership

Our fellowship programme is a collaboration between Leaders’ Quest and CORO India, a community-owned organisation based at the heart of Mumbai. Together, we work to transform societies by empowering grassroots leaders to generate creative solutions to complex issues in marginalised communities.

The benefits of our deep and collaborative partnership are significant, allowing us to combine our extensive networks and experience from across diverse sections of society to co-create the fellowship programme.

In 2015 CORO celebrated 25 years’ experience working on holistic community development across Maharashtra. We launched the fellowship programme in Rajasthan, and welcomed 33 new fellows to a growing family of grassroots leaders. Now, with 10 years of a successful partnership behind us, we are looking for new opportunities to share our fellowship programme with other partner organisations globally.

We've spent 7 years developing our model in India, and are now looking for opportunities to share our fellowship programme with other partner organisations globally.

The journey to a fairer society starts here.

Reach us via our contact form or through @leadersquest