Quests catalyse change across three levels — individual leadership, organisational performance and the wider world.


Develop leaders and teams, strengthen authenticity and resilience and focus on personal growth.


Shift organisational culture, build consensus around shared purpose, and embed core values and best practices.


Enhance your awareness of what it means to play a conscious role in an interconnected world.


Our clients and partners come from a range of sectors, including companies at the forefront of technology, consumer goods, media, financial and professional services, as well as NGOs and non-profits.


What our clients say

Heather Lair

Senior Mediator

Meridian Institute

Gary Flynn

Director, UK&I


Shankar Venkateswaran


Tata Sustainability Group

Quests are designed to enhance business performance by reframing purpose and culture.

We immerse leaders in unfamiliar contexts, engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and exploring new perspectives. We provide practical exposure to global, regional and local themes, spending time with cutting-edge innovators who are building healthy, sustainable organisations.

We partner with clients to deliver ongoing leadership development for thousands of senior leaders globally. A Quest can also be designed as part of a board meeting, annual strategy retreat or global conference, or as a stand-alone experience. It can be customised for groups of varying sizes (from 10 to 500!), and can last from a single day to a full week.

What is a Quest?

A Quest comprises a series of unconventional visits to companies, social enterprises and communities. We meet with inspiring people who have a strong sense of purpose and an ability to drive results. Often they’re individuals who have wrestled with tough challenges to get to where they are today. Visits are interspersed with workshops and reflection sessions where we share insights, foster the emergence of new thinking and deepen relationships.

Examples of Quest experiences

> Spending time with local and multinational business leaders who are successfully combining profit with purpose.

> Witnessing entrepreneurial organisations that are creating exceptional new business models.

> Exploring big questions about the environment and society with local activists, politicians and academics.

> Engaging with leaders in marginalised communities who are tackling poverty, exclusion and violence in innovative ways.

What happens after a Quest?

The impact of Quests is far-reaching. Leaders frequently report transformational experiences for themselves and their organisations – from new strategies and creative business models, to enhanced collaboration and deep cultural change. Many companies work with us on a rolling basis to develop next generation leaders.


Through our workshop tools and facilitation (developed over more than a decade of practice), we help individuals and companies to develop their self-awareness and leadership. This can include follow-on workshops to support change initiatives and deliver on strategy.

Advisory support to CEOs and leaders

Our top team – including people with extensive leadership experience in business, NGOs and social enterprise – supports senior executives with advice and ongoing coaching.

The journey to organisational change starts here.

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